( With Proof ) Jelimals Game QR Code: Win Free Tshirt, Sipper, Telescope More

Take part in Jelimals Game and stand a chance to win great prizes such as T-shirts, slippers, telescopes, and many more.

Here’s a new contest coming from ” Jelimals “, where you just need to play a simple space game in order to win exciting rewards.

It’s a game where you need to run endlessly in space and cover distance while avoiding obstacles to stay alive.

The more distance you cover the more lightyears you will get and through the lightyears you can redeem the rewards.

This game is live from November 1st, 2022 and it’s valid till the last stock of Jelimals. You can play this game daily 10 times in order to collect more light years.

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Jelimals Game Overview:

Contest Name:Jelimals
2. JELIMALS Multiverse Runner
3. Claytron Ablaze
4. Space Runner Rogue
5. Moon’s Bloom Fury
6. Claytron
Prizes: Telescope, T-Shirt, Sipper And Many Other
Daily Chance To Play Game:10 Times

How To Play Jelimals Game?

1) In order to play the game follow the below given steps:

  • CLICK HERE to visit the contest directly or scan the below given QR code.
  • Here you will have 6 games. ( Each game will open through a different link. The links are provided below )
  • Select any one of the game that you want to play.
  • You can play each game 10 times a day.
  • Each Game has different rewards to win.

How To Play Jelimals Space Runner Game?

1) After selecting the Multiverse Runner game tap on the New Player button.

How-To-Play-Jelimals -Multiverse -Runner-Game

2) Now tap on the play button in order to play the game.

How-To-Play-Jelimals -Multiverse -Runner-Game

3) Run in space and collect the light years as much as you can while avoiding the obstacles.

How-To-Play-Jelimals -Multiverse -Runner-Game

4) If you hit any obstacles your life will be reduced and at last your game will end.

5) To collect more lightyears, you can play the game again by tapping on replay 10 times a day.

6) In order to submit the light years tap on the Submit button.

How-To-Play-Jelimals -Multiverse -Runner-Game

7) Enter your name and phone number & click on submit.

How-To-Play-Jelimals -Multiverse -Runner-Game

8) Your lightyears will be saved and you can play the game again to get more lightyears.

Note: All 6 games can be played in the same way, just the links and rewards are different.

Jelimals Space Runner Game Rewards:

Rewards:Light Years To Be Collect:
Walkie Talkie Set5320000
LED Fidget Spinner2660000



Jelimals Moon’s Bloom Fury Game:

To visit the game: CLICK HERE

Rewards:Light Years To Be Collect:
Smart Sunglasses14700000
Night Vision Binoculars9800000
Neon Gaming LightBoard4900000

Jelimals CLATRON Game:

To visit the game: CLICK HERE

Rewards:Light Years To Be Collect:
Hover Football5600000
Space Laser Shooter2800000

Jelimals Claytron Ablaze Game:

To visit the game: CLICK HERE

Rewards:Light Years To Be Collect:
3D Pen8400000
Space Machine Gun5600000
Astronaut Mobile Stand2800000

Jelimals Space Runner Rogue Game:

To visit the game: CLICK HERE

Rewards:Light Years To Be Collect:
Wireless Gaming Pro7980000
Game Console Box5320000
Gaming Finger Sleeves2660000

Jelimals Moon’s Bloom Game:

To visit the game: CLICK HERE

Rewards:Light Years To Be Collect:
VR BOX14700000
Spaceship Bluetooth Speaker9800000
Drawing Tablet4900000

Jelimals Game Winning Proof:

As you can see below, many of our users have already won many of the rewards by playing Jelimals & the products are already delivered to them. I have attached the rewards screenshot below for your reference:

Jelimals Game

Jelimals Game Trick To Get More Chances:

Jelimal allows us to play the game only 10 times per day, but there is a hidden trick which you can use to get more chances to play.

After using your daily 10 chances, you can change the date in your mobile settings to the next day and visit the game again to receive another 10 chances.

My Opinion:

In summary, the Jelimals Game is a great way to earn extra rewards in your free time. You can play it anytime and earn many rewards including t-shirts, sippers, notebooks, telescopes, etc.

Just collect as many Light Years as you can and earn exciting rewards in the end.


What Is Jelimals Game?

A Space Runner Game is a game in which the player runs and covers distance by navigating upwards, downwards, leftwards, and rightwards, while collecting other in-game rewards and avoiding obstacles.

Jelimals Game is valid till?

Until the last stocks of Jelimals.

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