Winning Ludo Game: 5 Tried And Tested Tips And Tricks

If you are looking for a winning Ludo game and some awesome tips and tricks that can help you to beat your opponent, then you are at the right place.

Ludo is a board game with timeless appeal. It has endured through time and garnered love and appreciation from people of all ages. No Indian household’s board game kit is complete without Ludo.

The traditional board game faced tough competition during the pandemic-induced lockdowns when getting two to four players was demanding.

Also, the advent of mobile gaming meant people were less inclined to gather around a physical board. The sheer love for Ludo has made it possible for the successful transition of the game to the online gaming universe. And there’s no looking back! 

Thanks to the rise of online Ludo platforms, enthusiasts can enjoy this strategic game from the comfort of their couch or while traveling. Whether you are a rookie or an expert player, expect to be matched with opponents with similar skill and experience levels on these platforms. 

Although the board game has transitioned into the online realm, Ludo rules remain the same. Hence, getting started is all about playing a few practice matches, and you’ll be good to go.

Winning Ludo Game 5 Tried And Tested Tips And Tricks:

Winning Ludo Game

To ensure you achieve maximum success in online Ludo games, here are some tried and tested tips and tricks. Implement these to enhance your winning quotient.

  • Know the basics:

Understanding and knowing the basics is always on top of the list. Without comprehending the gameplay and the dynamics, it is impossible to move forward.

Hence, do not dive into online tournaments without familiarizing yourself with the game’s rules. Since there is a plethora of Ludo apps available, the rules may differ slightly.

It is best to quickly read up on the rules of the specific app you have chosen. Understand the movement of the tokens, the scoring system, and the objective of the game.

Also, learn of the different outcomes to be expected when a token lands on specific squares like capture zones and safe zones. Familiarize yourself with what happens when you capture opponents’ tokens.

Once equipped with the basics, you can make informed decisions and effectively strategize your moves through the game.

  • Bring all the tokens out as soon as possible:

It is a rookie mistake to focus on moving one token at a time. A single token doesn’t stand a chance against four opponents’ tokens! And what will you do once your token has reached the finish line? Will you idly wait to roll a six? If you are playing a timed match, time is money.

Sitting idly won’t fetch you points. Therefore, focus on quickly getting all the tokens out of the starting point and strategically spread them out across the board.

  • Employ blocking tactics:

Letting your opponents’ tokens pass by without any hindrance is the biggest mistake you can make. Stop them! Most apps offer bonus points if you capture opponents’ tokens and send them back to the starting point.

Also, this slows down their game, and you can gain ground while they wait to roll a six. Blocking your opponent’s tokens is the fastest way to move your coins to the finish line

  • Capture opponents’ tokens:

Of course, weigh the pros and cons before moving in to capture your opponent’s tokens. But stay alert and don’t miss the opportunity when it arises.

Capturing means sending their tokens back to the starting point, and they will be helpless until they roll a six. You can use this time to your advantage and quickly take your tokens to the finish line.

  • Observe your opponents’ gameplay:

Ludo is not purely a game of luck. There’s a lot of strategy involved. Luck ends with the rolling of the dice. After that, the game’s outcome depends on how you move your tokens and the decisions you make throughout the game.

One tip is to observe how your opponents play. If you have played enough matches, you will notice patterns emerging from the way they play. Some like to play it safe, and others play aggressively. You can significantly benefit by observing your opponents and predicting their next move.

  • Is your escape route planned? Do it now!

Capturing a player must be done with careful planning. Also, before you move your tokens, you must study the board and plot your escape plan.

This means your tokens must be at least seven spaces away from your opponent’s coins. It has been noticed that the probability of scoring a six and then a 1 is relatively low.

Additional helpful tips and tricks:

  • Calculate every risk taken. Don’t move the tokens impulsively across the board. Every move must be strategically taken after carefully assessing the potential risks and benefits of the move.
  • Try to remain calm throughout the match. No matter how challenging the situation, you must not lose patience.
  • Play free matches to practice and sharpen your skills regularly. Implement new tactics and strategies, and see how they fare. Since no two matches are similar, you must be ready to change tactics if plan A isn’t working out instantly.

My Opinion:

Do you know what it takes to become a master of Ludo? Since there are too many permutations and combinations, it is difficult for anybody to be the absolute best.

But if you keep trying, your winning chances will significantly increase. Memorizing and employing the strategies and tips mentioned above will give you an upper hand and help you expertly maneuver your tokens across the virtual Ludo board.

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