Cadbury Coclairs Gold Birthday Bash Offer: Win Gaming Console, Smartphone & Tablet

Join the “Cadbury Coclairs Gold Birthday Bash Offer” to win exciting prizes like a Gaming console, Smartphone, and Tablet.

To participate in the birthday bash game, your birthday must fall between January 1st and March 31st. Create your birthday avatar and share the unique link with your friends. As they give you birthday bumps, your track meter will increase. The more birthday bumps you receive, the higher your chances of winning.

Birthday bumps will be counted as a percentage. Users who achieve 50% on the bashometer will be eligible to win a smartphone, and so on.

Cadbury Coclairs Gold Birthday Bash Offer Prizes:

  • Achieving 50% on the “bashometer” will unlock the smartphone. There are a maximum of 8 smartphone winners, with one winner selected weekly.
  • Achieving 100% on the “bashometer” will unlock the gaming console. There are a total of 2 gaming consoles, with one lucky winner chosen each month.
  • At the end of the campaign, one lucky user will receive the mega prize of a tablet.

Bashometer: This is the dashboard where all the users can track their birthday bumps in percentage.

How To Participate In Cadbury Coclairs Gold Birthday Bash?

1) CLICK HERE to visit the offer page from here.

2) Enter your Name, Email, Mobile number, and DOB & accept the T&C & verify your number.

Cadbury-Coclairs-Gold-Birthday-Bash Offer

3) Now by using the camera upload your selfie.

4) After it create your unique birthday avatar.

Cadbury-Coclairs-Gold-Birthday-Bash Offer

5) Now tap on “check your “bash-o-meter” & give an answer to the simple question.

6) Share your unique link with your friends & ask them to register and give you birthday bumps.

Cadbury-Coclairs-Gold-Birthday-Bash Offer

7) The more bumps you receive, the higher the percentage will increase on the “bashometer”. As you reach the winning percentage, you become eligible for the reward.

My Opinion:

If your birthday falls between January and March, I highly recommend participating in this unique offer. Ask your friends to give you birthday bumps, and you’ll become eligible for the rewards mentioned in this article.


Can anyone participate in this offer?

Only users whose birthday falls between 01/01/2024 to 31/03/24 are eligible for the offer.

What is the last date of the campaign?

It is valid till 31st MARCH 2024.

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