Binance Academy BNB Course Answers: Share Up to 10,000 BNB Rewards

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Binance Academy DeFi Deep Dive Course Answers:

Course: Blockchain Basics:

Q1) What is a blockchain-primarily known for?

Answer: Decentralization

Q2) What is the purpose of the Block Header in a blockchain block?

Answer: It contains information like a block’s version number.

Q3) Which component of a block is used to verify its integrity?

Answer: Merkle Root

Q4) What is a cryptographic hash function?

Answer: A mathematical algorithm that converts data into a fixed-size string of characters

Q5) What is a Merkle proof used for?

Answer: Verifying whether a transaction is present within the Merkle tree

Course 2: BNB Chain:

Q1) What components make up the BNB Chain ecosystem?

Answer: BNB Beacon Chain, BNB Smart Chain, BNB Greenfield, and BNB Sidechains.

Q2) What is the consensus algorithm used by the BNB Smart Chain?

Answer: PoSA

Q3) How does staking work on the BNB Chain?

Answer: Staking on the BNB Chain occurs via the BNB Beacon Chain, followed by delegation to a validator on the BNB Smart Chain.

Q4) What is the purpose of cross-chain communication in the BNB Chain ecosystem?

Answer: It allows users to transfer assets between different blockchains.

Q5) What are some upcoming developments for the BNB Chain platform?

Answer: Improved scalability, user experience, and gradual decentralization.

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