[$20 Guaranteed] AttaPoll Referral Code 2024 ” xitrz “: Earn 10% Referral Commission

The Attapoll Referral Code: ” xitrz ” allows you to get 10% of referral income made by friends who complete the survey.

In 2023, AttaPoll offers the best way to earn money online. You can earn gift cards like Paypal, Amazon, and many other rewards by completing short surveys.

With Attapoll, users can complete short surveys and earn cents, which can be converted into Paypal or other gift cards.

It only takes $3 to withdraw to your PayPal account or any other method, and since the minimum withdrawal is so low, you can receive the payment very quickly.

Attapoll connects different organizations with users, and the organizations that need user opinions upload surveys to the Attapoll app. By taking part in surveys, organizations can make important decisions.

Upon completing the survey, the organization will reward you with cash or gift cards. You can withdraw the funds or donate them to charity.

AttaPoll Referral Code 2023 Details:

Referral Code:xitrz
Referral Income:10% Commission
Withdrawal Options:Paypal, Skrill & Other Gift Cards
Mode Of Earning:Short Surveys
  • Attapoll referral code January 2024 – xitrz
  • Attapoll new user code – xitrz
  • Attapoll code 10€: xitrz
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How To Make An AttaPoll Survey App Account:

1) First, CLICK HERE to download the Attapoll app & create your account.

2) Agree to the terms&conditions & tap on continue button.

3) Select any of your Gmail accounts & complete your signup process.

4) Then move to the settings page and click on enter referral code. Fill in the following code.

" Attapoll Referral Code Is: xitrz "

5) Now move to the home page & complete your profile surveys to earn cents daily, which can be converted to real cash or gift cards.


AttaPoll Survey App Refer & Earn:

1) Attapoll also has a feature of refer & earn, through which you can earn commissions on your friend’s earnings.

2) Follow the below-given steps to earn referral commissions:

  • Open the AttaPoll app & move to the Invite Friends page.
  • Now click on Invite Friends & share your unique link with your friends.
  • Get 10% of the money your friend makes by completing surveys.

3) When users don’t install the app through your link, they must manually enter the referral code by going to the settings page of the app.

4) Referral commissions will be credited only when the survey status shows completed.

5) You will only get referral incentives when your friend’s account is in good standing and not suspended or blocked. 

How To Withdraw From AttaPoll App:

1) There are various ways through which you can withdraw the money that you have earned by completing short surveys or by earning referral commissions.

Some of the ways are as follows:

  1. Paypal: You can directly withdraw your money to your Paypal account when you have a minimum of 3$ in your AttaPoll app.
  2. Skrill: You need 3$ to withdraw your money to your Skrill account.
  3. Amazon & Flipkart Gift Card: Also, you can withdraw your balance to Amazon & Flipkart gift cards and add them to the app to receive a free Amazon or Flipkart balance.

2) The money can also be donated to charities UNICEF, the Red Cross Society, WWF, Water Aid, and many more organizations.

How To Create Best AttaPoll Survey Profile?

  • You must create the best AttaPoll Survey Profile to make money, because the better profile you have, the more surveys your account will receive.
  • Follow the below-given steps to create your best profile:
  1. Must use Attapoll refer code.
  2. Must fill the age 26+
  3. Select gender as female.
  4. Select marriage status as married with 2 children.
  5. Working as self-employed or banking.
  6. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc.
  7. Select education as Graduate General.

AttaPoll App Payment Proof:

The proof is attached below for the AttaPoll survey app. I have personally used this app for many years & have already withdrawn money into my PayPal account. As we discussed above in the article, you can also withdraw your money to Paypal or any other gift card by completing easy surveys.


How To Get Unlimited Surveys On AttaPoll?

There are no hacks and tricks that can get you unlimited surveys in the AttaPoll app, but there are some basic steps you can follow to get more surveys:

  • Complete Your Profile: It is very important to complete the profile so that you can receive more surveys in the AttaPoll app based on your interests.
  • Keep AttaPoll Notifications On: You should keep the app’s notifications enabled so that if any new surveys are added, you will receive a notification.
  • Keep Checking App Frequently: Some surveys are only available for a limited period, so it’d be best to keep checking the app for new opportunities.
  • Complete More Surveys: By completing more surveys, you will build a stronger profile reputation, resulting in more surveys in the app.

Attapoll Survey Answers:

Because the Attapoll survey app consists of a survey and the questions asked in the survey are personalized, there are no specific answers.

It would be best if you provided the right information to avoid being disqualified.

Is The AttaPoll Survey App Safe To Use?

As for the app, it is 100% safe and legit in terms of making money. The app has been available since 2015 and has already been downloaded 10 million times. It is available in most countries where users earn money through the app.

AttaPoll Survey App Pros And Cons:

Only a $3 withdrawalPay Per Survey Low According To Country
Surveys are short and can be completed easilysometimes after filling out the survey, you may be disqualified
Instant transfer to PaypalSometimes users reported problems with payments.

Why I Was Disqualified From The Survey?

In today’s Attapoll survey, I received a popup stating that you are disqualified from the survey. I began to investigate why the survey was disqualified, and I found the following reasons:

  • A company may disqualify you from a survey because you didn’t provide the correct information.
  • Occasionally, surveys are only available to a certain demographic or location, which may disqualify you if you are not in that group.
  • A lot of respondents respond to the survey, and as a result, sometimes the company cancels the other users’ responses.

Why My PayPal Payment Request Failed?

Today, when I tried to withdraw money from Attapoll into my PayPal account, I noticed that it failed. I looked into the reason why it failed and came up with these solutions:

  • Make sure your PayPal account is fully verified and it should link with a valid payment method such as a bank or credit card.
  • Make sure your PayPal accepts international payments.
  • If there is no problem with your PayPal account then you must contact AttaPoll support staff to solve the query.

Attapoll Can’t Sign In Problem?

There are certain reasons why you may not be able to sign in to Attapall, as follows:

  • If you forget your account password, you may get an error message when trying to log in.
  • For some reason, Attapoll has banned your account and you cannot sign in.
  • There may be a server problem from the app side, so you need to wait until the server is fixed.

If you do not encounter any of the above problems, try the following methods to fix the sign-in issue:

  • Delete the app and install it again & try creating your account.
  • Clear your device cache & data.
  • Try to log in with another mobile device.

How does AttaPoll work?

  • As AttaPoll works with companies who want user insights for some reason, they ask you for details about yourself, such as your name, your country, etc., when you create an account on the app. As a result, they will provide you with surveys that are tailored to your demographics and surveys that can be very helpful to you and for which you will receive some cents by completing them.

How To Donate Money in AttaPoll?

1) Attapoll even allows you to donate your money to another person if you want. Here’s how:

  • Open the AttaPoll app & go to the balance section.
  • Now here you will have the option to donate the money.
  • Enter the PayPal ID of the person to whom you wish to donate the funds.
  • Finally, confirm it & your money will be donated.

AttaPoll Not Getting Survey:

When you don’t receive surveys in your app, you must update your profile again, so that the app understands who you are and gives you surveys based on that. If you still don’t receive surveys after updating your profile, then you need to make a new account on Attapoll and create a better profile to receive surveys.

What are the best tips for earning money with AttaPoll?

The survey money varies in every country, the tier one countries will get more money for completing the surveys than the tier 2 and 3. This is what I know from my own experience.

So the best way to earn money with AttaPoll is to refer your friends to the app & ask them to complete the surveys, and this will make you a good amount of commission.

What To Do If Attapoll Account Disabled?

If your Attapoll account has been disabled then you should follow the below guidance to recover it:

  • Contact Attapoll Support Team: In the first instance, contact the support team through email and ask them why your account has been suspended and how you can recover it.
  • Check Email: Once your account is disabled the team will tell you the reason through email notification. Check it & try to solve it.
  • Please be patient: Resolving account issues may take some time. Show patience and follow the instructions provided by Attapoll’s support team.”

Can We Create More Than One Account Of Attapoll?

As per Attapoll terms & conditions, you cannot create multiple accounts of the App on the same device as this protects the app from abuse and fraud. If Attapoll teams discover that you have created multiple accounts, then all of your accounts will be banned and all your earnings will be lost.

Does Attapoll Track You?

Yes, Attapoll tracks you because it needs to collect information concerning you such as your age, gender, location, and interests, to match you with relevant surveys. However, the app does not share your data with anyone. If you do not wish to allow Attapoll to track you, you can disable some of the tracking features in the settings menu, but you may not receive any more surveys if you disable this feature.

Attapoll Referral Reward Didnt Received:

  • There may be several reasons for not receiving the referral rewards, which are as follows:
  1. Any referral that installs the app from other countries, may not give you any reward.
  2. A referral bonus is only paid if the user meets the eligibility criteria.
  3. If you create multiple accounts using your referral code, then you will not get any bonus.

Note: A referral bonus of 10% of earnings is paid once a day.

How To Get Robux From Attapoll:

Since there is no direct way to purchase the Robux from Attapoll. Robux is a game currency that can be purchased from the Roblox website. But there is an indirect way through which you can purchase the Robux from Attapoll.

Attapoll is a survey website that pays you money directly into your PayPal. You can use this money to purchase the Robux.

What Do The Stars Mean On Attapoll?

In the Attapoll platform, each survey has a star rating, with lower stars indicating a lower likelihood of completion, while higher stars indicate a greater likelihood of completion.

Attapoll What Do The Colors Mean?

The colors on Attapoll represent the difficulty level of the survey & the estimated time taken to complete the survey.

  • Black surveys are the easiest and & can be completed within 1-2 minutes.
  • Red surveys are quite difficult & can take approx 5 minutes to complete.
  • Purple surveys are time-consuming and can take more than 10 minutes to complete.

My Opinion:

The app is amazing in my opinion and allows you to make money. However, I have already provided you with proof that I have withdrawn money to my PayPal account, so if you wish to earn money by completing short surveys, you can withdraw the money as well.

Don’t wait for the perfect time – download the app now & start making money.


What is the AttaPoll Referral Code?

The AttaPoll Referral Code is ” xitrz “.

How much money can I make from the AttaPoll survey app?

It’s possible to earn $10-$20 per month simply by completing the survey. You can also make more money by referring others.

Is AttaPoll Worth It?

The app is a great way to earn money in your free time since it allows you to earn money easily from your phone.

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