Amazon FZ Points Daily Quiz Answers Today ( 1ST DEC 2023 )

Play Amazon FZ Points Daily Quiz Answers Today & convert your Points to get an Amazon pay balance of up to Rs.125 for free.

Amazon recently launched a new game in Amazon’s fun zone named ” Funzone FZ Points “. Every Amazon user can play daily quizzes to win Points & can convert those Points to an Amazon pay balance.

Amazon FZ Points can be earned by playing daily jackpot games, Daily quizzes, Weekly quizzes, and weekly jackpot quizzes.

Amazon FZ Points will expire on 31st December 2023. Participate in the quiz daily to claim the reward.

I will update the new answers to the Amazon Fz Points quiz so that you can play this quiz daily to earn coins & convert those coins to Amazon Pay.

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How To Play Amazon FZ Points Daily Quiz?

1) CLICK HERE, to visit the Amazon Funzone Points quiz.

2) Now scroll down & visit the FunZone FZ Points section.


3) Here you will have 4 different quizzes, Daily Jackpot, Daily Quiz, Weekly Jackpot & Weekly Quiz.

4) You can play these quizzes every day & can earn FZ Points every day.

5) Finally, you can convert those Points to an Amazon pay balance.

FZ Points Daily Jackpot Answers:

Today’s Question: A century is a score of __ or more runs.

Answer: 100

Amazon FZ Points Daily Quiz Answers Today:

Today’s Questions & Answers:

Q1: What planet is known as the “Red Planet”?

Answer: Mars

Q2: What is the smallest prime number?

Answer: 2   

Q3: What is one-quarter of 1,000?

Answer: 250

Q4: What is the sum of the first 10 natural numbers?

Answer: 55

Q5: The plants produce their food through a process called photosynthesis. True or false?

Answer: True

FZ Points Weekly Jackpot Answers:

Weekly Jackpot Question:

Q1: What do you get when you freeze water?

Answer: Ice

FZ Points Weekly Quiz Answers:

Weekly Quiz Question & Answers:

Q1: What temperature does water boil at? 

Answer: 100 C   

Q2: Which animal is the tallest in the world?

Answer: Giraffe

Q3: What do paleontologists study?

Answer: Fossils

Q4: How many eyes does this insect have?

Answer: 5

Q5: Name this palace situated in the city of Jaipur

Answer: Hawa Mahal

How To Convert Fz Points To Amazon Pay Balance?

  • To convert Fz Points to Amazon Pay follow the below steps:

1) Visit the Amazon Funzone section & tap on redeem Points.

2) Now here you have many different options to redeem the Points.


3) You can convert your points to Rs.10, Rs.25, Rs.50, Rs.75, Rs.100, and Rs.125 Amazon pay balance.

How Much Fz Points Are Required For Amazon Pay Balance?

Fz PointsAmazon Pay Balance
15010 Rs
750 25 Rs
1200 50 Rs
1700 75 Rs
2000 100 Rs
4000 125 Rs

My Opinion:

Recently amazon launched its new program of Fz Points, where you can earn Points by playing simple games & converting those Points to pay the balance.

This program is valid till 31st December 2023, so you have a better opportunity to claim free Points daily & convert them to pay the balance.


What Are Fz Points?

Amazon will reward you with the Fz Points when you play games on the Amazon app. These Points can be further converted into an Amazon pay balance.

How To Use Fz Points?

Use Points to unlock Amazon balance & other exciting rewards.

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