Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers | Portal & CKB Token

Take Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers & get a predetermined amount of Portal & CKB token voucher by completing a course and quiz.

A new round of Learn & Earn is now available on Binance, where users can learn about Binance Portal & CKB Token through a quiz.

Users who answer the questions correctly will be eligible to get the reward of Portal & CKB token.

Learn & Earn will begin on 21 May & can be over soon. So taking the quiz as soon as possible would be best because the rewards are limited.

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How To Take Binance Learn & Earn Quiz?

1) First, download the Binance app from the below-given link & create your account.

2) Must complete your KYC process, before taking up the quiz.

3) The rewards are based on first come first serve, so quickly complete the quiz.

4) Must JOIN TELEGRAM, to get quick answers of the learn & earn.

Binance Portal Quiz Answers:

Q1) Which technology enables frictional transactions between games and chains in the Portal Ecosystem?

ANSWER: Cross-chain Portal token

Q2) Which major talent agency represent Portal?

ANSWER: WME Endeavor

Q3) How much was staked by binance users in the portal launchpool?

ANSWER: $9.2 billion

Q4) Which of the following is Not a part of the Portal Ecosystem?

ANSWER:  Portal Exchange

Q5) How many gamers in Portal aiming to onboard into Web3?

ANSWER:  1 billion

Q6) Which of the following is not a benefit of a staking portal?

ANSWER: Earning a fixed 20% APY on staked tokens

Q7) How many gamers are integrated into the portal ecosystem at launch?

ANSWER: 200+

Q8) What is Portal (PORTAL)?

ANSWER: To onboard the first billion gamers into Web3

Q9) What is the primary function of the portal token?

ANSWER: To power Web3 gaming transactions and access

Binance CKB Quiz Answers:

Q1) CKB leverage a novel generalized UTXO model for accounting. What’s the name of this model?

ANSWER: Cell Model

Q2) When was CKB’s mainnet launched?

ANSWER: 2019

Q3) Which of the following instruction set in CKB’s virtual machine based ok?


Q4) What consensus mechanism does CKB use?


Q5) What’s the full name of the CKB blockchain?

ANSWER: Common Knowledge Base

Q6) CKB is developing a payment channel network to connect to the Bitcoin lightning network. True Or False?


Q7) What similarities between Bitcoin and CKB are being utilized in the “BTCKB” initiative?


Q8) CKB’s virtual machine supports all current and future cryptographic primitives. True or false?


The CKB blockchain is turning-complete. True or false?


Terms & Conditions:

  • Only valid for Binance KYC users.
  • Users can’t participate in this activity once the rewards are distributed.
  • Users can complete multiple quizzes to receive multiple reward tokens.

My Opinion:

Binance is back with Learn & Earn. All you need to do is answer the simple questions and after completing the quiz, you will receive free token rewards.

The tokens are limited, so take the quiz as soon as possible to gain free tokens.


What Is Binance Learn & Earn?

Binance launched the campaign to help users learn more about crypto and blockchain and earn free crypto rewards.

When Will I Get The Reward?

If you are eligible, your reward will be credited within 48 hours.

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