Fiewin Not Working: Reason, Will Be Back Or Not? Withdraw Problem Solution

Fiewin Not Working: The website Fiewin hasn’t been working for the past couple of days. If we try to access it, it shows that the site can’t be accessed.

There are many questions that users have regarding the site such as whether will Fiewin be back or not. Will I be able to withdraw? Is there a new Fiewin link? What will happen to the money that I invested in Fiewin? We will try to provide all the answers to your questions.

We all know that Fiewin was a color prediction site that provided us with income from playing games. Millions of users use Fiewin every day to play games and make money & Fiewin also provided instant withdrawal.

Recently, the site has been showing the error ” The site cannot be reached.”, which has caused users to be concerned about their money and investments.

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The Reason Behind The Fiewin Not Working:

Whenever we try to access the Fiewin, we get an error message saying “The site cannot be reached”. This type of error occurs when the server of the site has been damaged.


As per the sources Fiewin uses the Paytm payment gateway, and Paytm has blocked all gateways used by these types of apps and sites according to RBI regulations.

Due to the Fiewin Gateway being blocked, they are unable to pay their users and this is the main reason the site isn’t working.

Fiewin Will Come Back Again?

Recently, we have seen many apps such as power bank apps, color prediction apps, and many other betting apps which come for a limited time and cheat users.

But Fiewin worked for 2 to 3 years and paid users immediately to their bank accounts, but now it is difficult to predict if it will return or not.

The Fiewin Official Telegram channel announced on June 3rd that the system would be up and running within 2.5 hours, but the system has not worked since then, and nothing further has been heard from them.


In all probability, the site will not work again, however, millions of people use it, so it is possible that it will work again, but we can’t guarantee it.

Fiewin Withdraw Problem Solution:

There is no way to withdraw Fiewin funds since both the website and app are down. Many users have invested their hard-earned money in the website, and many users have referred many of their friends to the app, including myself.

Therefore, there is a high probability that users have lots of money that they want to withdraw from the Fiewin platform, but since the server has been deleted there is no way to do so.

Fiewin App Legal Registration Details:

Although we have tried to find Fiewin’s legal registration through sources, we have not been able to locate any other information about the company such as its customer care number or the owner details.

The company is reportedly based in Bengaluru, although we cannot confirm this information.

My Opinion:

The last question many of us have is whether Fiewin is a fake or real website, and what I can tell you is that the site was working fine for 2-3 years but now it is not working and there is a chance it will not work again.

As a result, I must advise you not to invest your hard-earned money in betting and color prediction or investment sites. Choose genuine places to invest your money because such sites do not guarantee a return.


Fiewin ” The site cannot be reached ” Problem Solution

There is no solution to this problem as the server of the site has been deleted by Fiewin.

Fiewin Will Work Again Or Not?

There are high chances that the site may not work again, but let’s hope for the best.

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