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Compass Mobile Dollar Tree allows Dollar Tree employees to access work-related information via a mobile application and website on both Android and iOS.

Doller Tree employees can manage their schedules, pay stubs, time off requests, and much more with the Compass Website and App.

Using the Compass Mobile Dollar Tree app, employees can always stay updated with their work-related information and resources, as well as access their personal information securely.

Before we dive into the Compass Mobile Dollar Tree login, let’s first understand what is Dollar Tree & how you can access it through your mobile phone.

What Is Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree is a discounted store available in 2 countries: USA & Canada. The stores are really popular in those countries because they sell every product for just $1.25.

There are a variety of products available for just $1.25 at the store, including party supplies, arts and crafts supplies, cleaning supplies, food, and more.

The store operates from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, so it’s a great option for customers to buy a variety of items for a low price.

Additionally, Dollar Tree customers can order products online directly from the Dollar Tree app & website.

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How To Create An Account On Dollar Tree?

1) In order to create an account on Dollar Tree follow the below given steps:

  • CLICK HERE, to visit the website & click on the account section to create your account.
  • Now enter the information like your name, email, Zip code, Address, and phone number & tap on Create account.
  • Once you complete these steps, you will have an email confirmation message, just verify it.
  • Now just login into your account and start shopping.

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree login:

In case you are a new Dollar Tree employee and aren’t sure how to access your Compass Mobile Dollar Tree account, follow the steps below:

  • CLICK HERE to visit the Compass Dollar Tree Login Portal.
  • Enter your employee username & password.
  • Finally, tap on login to access the Compass Mobile Dollar.

Employees can also download the Compass Mobile Dollar app in order to access their work-related information and resources.

What Is Pay Stub?

Employers provide employees with pay stubs, in which they provide a complete breakdown of employee earnings as well as what amount has been deducted from salary for taxes, insurance, etc.

Employees at Dollar Tree also have access to their current and past pay stubs, so they can easily see how much they earn & what has been deducted.

My Opinion:

Mobile Dollar Tree is a great store for students to buy products at a very cheap rate. As I previously mentioned, the products cost $1.25 each, which really makes it a great deal for customers who have tight budgets.

Dollar Tree employees can also access all work-related information using the Compass Mobile app or web.


What is the Compass Mobile app?

It’s a great app for Dollar Tree employees to access all the work-related information and resources frequently.

Can anyone access the Compass Mobile app?

No, The app or web can only be accessed by employees of the store by entering their employee ID and password.

Does Dollar Tree pay every week?

No, Dollar Tree does not pay every week. Dollar Tree pays its employees every other Friday or every two weeks.

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